Final Program of the FT Worlds 2010

Name of the competition: Field Target Worlds  2010

Goal of the competition: To select the individual and the team World Champion of the Field Target sport in 2010. Other goals include popularization of the field target sport, and to strengthen the international sport relationships.

Organizer of the competition: Hungarian Field Target Association

Location of the competiton: Debrecen-Bánk, Hungary. The shooting range can be found here: link.

Date of the competition: 30th September - 3rd October 2010

Type of the competition: Individual and team competition.

Prizes of the Competition:

Individual competiton:

I-II-III. ranks: trophy, certificate and medals.  IV-X. ranks: medals. These kind of unique medals can be won: Prizes.

The individual  World Champion of the PCP category will be awarded an exclusive prize of the STEYR company.  The individual World Champion of the springer category will be awarded a special prize of the DIANA company.

In the individual competition the best junior (born in 1992 or later), the best senior (born in 1950 or earlier) and the best women will also be awarded.

Team competition:

I-II-III. ranks: trophy, certificate and medals.

Further prizes:

Each registered shooter will receive the T-shirt of the event sponsored by the JSB company. Each shooter will receive a Certificate of Participation.

More valuable prizes will be awarded during the Gala Dinner in a tombola. The main prize is a  March 10-60x52 FT riflescope by  DEON company. Other prizes:  HW 97 spring air gun, HW P40 PCA ai pistol by Weichrauch Sport company, and other Sportsmatch, Anschütz and JSB rpizes. (The participants of the Gala Dinner will receive one tombola ticket per person. More tickets can be bought for 500 HUF/piece.)


Individual registrations were made as pre-registrations. The registration is closed. It is possible to register more individuals only if allowed by the competition organizer.

The deadline of the team registration is 18.00 on 30th September, 2010.

Team registration costs 50 EUR / team. (One team only per one NGB.)

One team shall consist of at least 4 shooters, the maximum is 8 shooters.


1. PCP
2. Springer

Age groups:

One consolidated adult age group. 
But the best junior, the best senior, and the best woman shooter will be prized.


3 x 25 lanes, two targets per lane.


According to the HFTA Rulebook.

Logging in, registration:

Between 8.00 - 18.00 on 30th September in the Shooting Range, at the even center.

Equippment and rifle control:

Each rifle must be registered in the logbook of the Shooting Range on arrival to the Shooting Range on the Shooting-in day. The rifles and the equippment is controlled every competition day at the speed control station set up in between the lanes. Each day all shooters must be controlled. If the shooter is not controlled he will be disqualified. Two chrony-s will be set up on the practice area in order to set  the correct speed.

Schedule of the competition:

Official practicing  day, shooting in (30th September 2010.)

Shooting range opens at 8.00 (only the practice area)  – shooting range closes at 18.00.
Registration / logging in: between  8.00 and 18.00 o'clock at the central tent (event centre).
- registration of the shooter
- registration of the rifle
- taking the presents, and the lunch tickets for the competiton days (1-3 Oct)
- team registration + payment
- final time for Gala Dinner registration + payment
Practicing, shooting in: only in the practice area betwen 8-00 – 18.00 o'clock
Air supply, buffet is available during the whole day.

19.00 Technical meeting ath the Hotel Divinus (location: link)
(the participation of 2 persons per coutry is required)

Day 1.  (01 October 2010)

Shooting range opens:  8:00 
Practicing: 8.00-9.45 
Official opening ceremony: 9.45 – 10.00 
Competition: 10.00 – round 15.00
Lunch: from 14.00
Shooting range closes:  18.00

Day 2. (02 October 2010)

Shooting range opens:  8:00 
Practicing: 8.00-9.45 
Competition: 10.00 – round 15.00
Lunch: from 14.00
Shooting range closes:  18.00

Day 3. (03 October 2010)

Shooting range opens:  8:00 
Practicing: 8.00-9.45 
Competition: 10.00 – round 15.00
Lunch: from 14.00
Shooting range closes:  18.00

Prize awarding ceremony:

19.00 pm on  03 October 2010.
In the Hotel Divinus - during the Gala Dinner (with live music).

Other information, contact details:

Dr. Laszlo BEKESI:  +36-30-2883200
Email: fieldtarget(at)

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