Field Target Worlds 2010

We are happy to organize the FT Worlds 2010 in Hungary.wftflogo


1-3 October, 2010

Event Schedule:

29 September: early bird's arrival
30 September: arrival, shooting-in, opening ceremony, welcome party
1 October: 1st Competition Day
2 October: 2nd Compeptition Day
3 October: 3rd Competition Day, closing ceremony, farewell party
4 October: departure

Shooting Range Location:

HUNGARY, Bánk - Debrecen (On Google Maps please click here)


According to WFTF Core Rules + HFTA regulations (NEW!!!).


We will assist you during the registration process (from the end of January) to choose from available 3-5 star hotel accommodations. These accommodations are mostly located in the nearest city, Debrecen that is approximately 10 km far only.

How to get to the FT Worlds 2010 area?

The most convenient way to get to Hungary depends on the distance.
1. By airplane:
Hungary is in Central Europe. The capital is Budapest. We have our international Airport in Budapest-Ferihegy (BUD). There are two Terminals, Terminal 1 and 2. They are located on the Eastern side of Budapest, and are approximately 5 km far from each other. Since the shooting range is about 250 km far from the airport to the East (2,5 hrs drive) the most convenient way to get there is to rent a car, and drive. We will assist you in car rental services on the airport. We will also provide you with a map how to reach the area.
2. By car:
In Hungary we have a quite developed network of highways. You have to buy an eletronic vignette for using this highway system. (The price is about 2550 HUF ~ 10 EUR or 15 USD for 10 days.) You have to buy it at the border, since we have a camera system that controls the registration plate if it has a valid permit or not. One litre of petrol costs about 310 HUF (1.2 EUR or 1.8 USD), and one litre of gasoline (diesel) costs about 300 HUF (1.1 EUR or . 1.66 USD).

How to bring your air rifles to Hungary? (detailed info here)

The Hungarian firearm law sets 7,5 Joule as the legal limit for free air rifle posession. Since the FT Worlds 2010 will allow 16,3 Joule as the maximum power (according to the WFTF core rules), all of the shooters will need to have a special permit to bring the rifle into Hungary.
This permit is different if you are from the European Union or from outside the EU. If you are from the EU and you have an EU firearm pass, then you don't need this import permit.

We will arrange these permits for you, since this must be arranged in Hungary. For the paperwork we will ask you to provide personal data during the registration process, and to pay the cost of this permit in advance (approx 20 EUR or 30 USD per rifle including postage costs). For arranging this permit we need you to ask your country Field Target Association to confirm your membership and licence, and to confirm that your rifle is in safe condition and is suitable for Field Target shooting.

Apart from this, all of the shooters will need to have a 'letter of invitation' or a 'registration confirmation' when entering in Hungary.

What is the weather like in October in Hungary?

The sun rises at about 6.00 AM, and sets at about 8.00 PM.
The usual daily temperature is between 10-25 Celsius (50-77 Fahrenheit).
Some light rain can be rarely expected.
What is the weather now in Hungary? Click here. (Sorry, only in Hungarian.) 

More about Hungary:

You can read more about Hungary here: wikipedia article.
You can read more about Debrecen city here: wikipedia article.

Shooting Calendar

Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
29 30 31 1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8 9 10
2021. April 10.
HFT Magyar Kupa 1. forduló Székelyi Koronglőtér
Rendező: Nyíregyházi Polgári Lövész Egyesület
12 13 14 15 16 17 18
19 20 21 22 23 24 25
2021. April 25.
FT Magyar Kupa 2. forduló Debrecen-Bánk, Arborétum
Rendező: Püspökladányi Városi Lövész- és Tömegsportklub
26 27 28 29 30 1 2
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