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Rifle Import Permit

PostPosted: 2010.07.27. 01:53
by doki
After 31st July we will start to arrange the Rifle Import Permits.
In order to do a good job, we need the updated data of the rifles (with serial numbers). So please if anybody has changed the rifle, or want to do it now, please send an email about this to ftworlds2010 at or fieldtarget at

During the Rifle Import Permit the process we will follow the method as it was described on our webpage:

In all cases we will need a scanned copy of a "certificate" in English if possible (official looking peace of paper with a signature and a stamp :-) ) from the country Field Target Association that the shooter's rifle is suitable for Field Target purposes and the rifle operates in a technologically safe condition, and that the shooter is a registered Field Target Shooter of the National Field Target Association (or equivalent), and that he does not need any permit to legally possess the air file in that country. (Or you the last sentence can be deleted, if the shooter has an EU firearm permit.)

One letter is enough for all of the shooters in a country, we do not need it separately, but all of the shooters need to possess a copy of this letter when they come to Hungary.

If the country FTA does not have the rifle informations, I will send it separately to them, please indicate.

I will prepare the letter of invitations for all of the shooters whose payment has arrived by 31st July, and will send it to them directly on email (I hope this is enough, and you do not need a snail mail version).

In order to arrange the rifle import permits we will need a document from each rifle owners where they authorize us to represent them at the Hungarian Police to get the Rifle Import permits. I am preparing this word document soon, and will try to send it to the registered shooters - who need a rifle import pass - separately. They have to send it back by fax directly to the Hungarian Police station (the number will be on the word document). The word document will be ready made, the shooters only will have to print it, sign it, and send it back to the given fax number. (Please fax it during workdays and during working hours 8.00-17.00 CET) - and be patient it will be a busy line.

I hope, that everything is clear.
If not, please do not hesitate to contact me.